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Training Center

Thermo-Trol Systems’ facility contains a state-of-the-art training center. We have joined forces with Tidewater Community College’s Workforce Development Division in order to offer both credit and non-credit courses. All training courses, whether offered on-site, online or at a remote location, are taught by experts in Commercial/Industrial Building Automation Systems. Our training center also allows Thermo-Trol to offer manufacturer-sponsored courses. We provide a learning environment that will allow business owners, design engineers, facility managers, and customers to be trained in the use, implementation, and application of the company’s products. A well trained customer is the best customer. Custom classes are available.

Course Descriptions

Career Studies Certificate
Thermo-Trol Systems Training Center will offer in partnership with Tidewater Community College a Career Studies Certificate in commercial building HVAC Systems and controls. The career studies certificate requires the successful completion of the following courses:

I Principles of HVAC
Course presents easy to understand treatment of building HVAC systems from basic principles through design and operation. (4.8 ceus)

II HVAC System Applications
Course presents HVAC system applications in commercial and institutional buildings. Topics include: HVAC control, multi-zone, dual duct, terminal reheat, variable air volume, hydronic, unitary, and heat pump and cooling and refrigeration. (4.8 ceus)

III Indoor Air Quality & HVAC Systems
Course presents individual components of HVAC systems and and identifies the techniques available for evaluating the performance characteristics of ventilation systems. (4.8 ceus)

IV HVAC Testing Testing Adjusting & Balancing
Course presents a step by step approach to the requirements for testing, , measuring, adjusting, balancing, troubleshooting, and cost estimating air systems. (4.8 ceus)

V HVAC Controls & Systems

Course presents solutions for problems found in commercial HVAC buildings. Topics include; pneumatic, electric and electronic controls. (4.8ceus)

VI HVAC Control System Design Diagrams

Course presents frequently made and useful modifications to control systems, demonstrates creation of control systems for peak efficiency, air quality and energy conservation, and describes air air handling systems , sequence operation, and standard control algorithms. (4.8 ceus)

VII Direct Digital Control of Building Systems

Course presents design methods required to generate complete, efficient HVAC DDC control systems and to upgrade existing analog technology for commercial HVAC building environments. (4.8 ceus)

Thermo-Trol Systems is a
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